Oracle Advance DBA with Dataguard and RAC

Oracle Application DBA Dataguard RAC Training in Chennai

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is an option to the award-winning Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Oracle RAC is a cluster database with a shared cache architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches to provide highly scalable and available database solutions for all your business applications. Oracle RAC Training in Chennai is a key component of Oracle's private cloud architecture. Oracle RAC support is included in the Oracle Database Standard Edition for higher levels of system uptime.

Course Content:


  • Introduction to SDLC
  • Dataguard Architecture
  • Protection Modes
  • Configuration Physical Standby
  • Configuration Logical Standby
  • Switchcover and Failover
  • Cascaded Standby Database
  • Oracle Database Advance Administration 

Automatic Storage Management

  • ASM Architecture
  • Configuring ASM
  • Configuring Raw Device
  • Configuring ASM Disks
  • Start and Shutdown ASM
  • Maintaining Disk groups
  • Migrating from and to ASM
  • ASMCMD command Line
  • Workshop with scenarios
  • Assessment

Oracle Real Application Clusters(RAC)

  • RAC components
  • Oracle Clusterware
  • Background processes in RAC
  • Database files in RAC
  • Server parameter file
  • Data files
  • Control files
  • Online redo log files
  • Archived redo log files
  • Other files
  • Maintaining read consistency in RAC
  • Cache Coherency
  • Cache fusion
  • Global Resource Directory
  • Mastering of resources
  • Lock management
  • Multi-instance transaction behaviour
  • Recovery
  • Cache recovery
  • Transaction recovery
  • Online block recovery

Storage Management

  • Disk fundamentals
  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 0+1
  • RAID 1+0
  • RAID 5
  • Storage options for RAC
  • RAW devices
  • Clustered file system
  • ASM
  • Configuring RAW Devices
  • Configuring OCFS cluster file system
  • Mounting devices on all nodes
  • Configuring Network file system

Installation and Configuration

  • Optimal Flexible Architecture
  • Installation
  • Preinstallation steps
  • Selecting the Clusterware
  • Operating system configuration
  • Creation of an oracle user account
  • Network configuration
  • NIC bonding
  • Configuring the kernel
  • Configuring the hangcheck timer on Linux systems
  • Configuring and synchronizing the system clock
  • Installing Oracle
  • Oracle Clusterware installation
  • Oracle Software Installation
  • database configuration
  • cluster components
  • OCR backup and restore
  • Setting paths and environment variables

Services and Distributed Workload Management

  • Service framework
  • Types of services
  • Service creation
  • Service tools
  • Fast Application Notification
  • Oracle Notification Services
  • FAN events

Failover and Load-Balancing

  • Failover
  • How does the failover mechanism work?
  • Database/instance recovery
  • Failover of VIP system service
  • Transparent application failover
  • Fast Connect Failover
  • Load-balancing
  • Applications not using connection pooling
  • Applications using connection pooling

Oracle Clusterware Administration

  • Node verification using olsnodes
  • Oracle Control Registry
  • Server control (srvctl) utility
  • Cluster services control (crsctl) utility
  • OCR administration utilities
  • ONS control (onsctl) utility

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